How do I find recipes for my needs?

Some of these recipes are my original creations. Sometimes I post recipes from other sources and add my own comments and modifications. (And I always give credit to the original source!) But how can you find the recipes on that you want? Two methods are described below.

Search using tags that I have chosen

Each post has “tags” which are key words like “gluten free” or “paleo” to help search engines find the content. Once you find my website,, you can easily find recipes and articles by category using these same tags. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Look for the section “Themes” at the bottom of the web page.
  2. You will find a “tag cloud” with many words. The size of the word indicates how often it appears on my web site.
  3. Using your mouse, left-click on any tag.
  4. You will be taken a page which presents your desired content.
  5. Choose your favorites and share with your friends!
    • Search using any word you choose

      What if you are looking for something that may be on my site, but you don’t see the right word in the tag cloud? Use “Search”!

      1. Look for the section “Search” at the bottom of the the web page.
      2. Use your keyboard to type in the word you want and press the “Enter” key.
      3. Enjoy the posts and articles that are presented.
      4. Try it! For example, enter the word “quinoa”. (Don’t be surprised that it returns this page.)


Gluten Free

A brief history

During the past fifteen years I have been a part of an amazing journey in the gluten-free food industry.  When my mother was diagnosed with celiac disease, my sister and I delved into the largely uncharted waters of the gluten-free diet.  What was available commercially was dry and unpalatable.  We were determined to develop delicious breads and desserts that were were every bit as desirable as what the people surrounding my mother could eat.  With me as the dietitian and my sister as the creative and business expert we successfully brought gluten-free products to market (including to customers such as Disney World).

Educating industry

Very few culinarians in the food industry were aware of the need for gluten-free food items nor how to prepare them safely in their commercial kitchens.  This includes not only manufacturing facilities but also food-prep kitchens in restaurants, hospitals, school cafeterias, etc.  It was my pleasure working as a consultant to spread the word concerning the need for delicious gluten-free foods.

Educating the consumer

Fast forward to the present day.  We have entire aisles filled with gluten-free foods.   Warning!  Gluten-free does not automatically mean healthy.  While you may need to avoid gluten for medical reasons, remember good balanced nutrition should always be your foundation.  Loading your grocery cart with with mounds of gluten-free breads, crackers, pasta, granola bars,chips, cereals, etc. cannot meet your nutritional needs.   Worse, a diet dense in these types of carbohydrates can put on excess weight, cause food cravings, raise triglycerides and elevate blood-sugar levels.  Remember, your vegetables, fruit, fish and unprocessed meats or other protein sources have always been both gluten free and essential to your diet.

What I promote

Macronutrient/micronutrient balancing is the foundation of a healthy diet.  For macronutrient balancing, this rhyme may be helpful:

“Protein, carbs (carbohydrates) and healthy fat at every single meal and snack!”

Look for individual posts on these topics!

Smiling in health,

Joan the Dietitian